01. lightning's theme
02. floral rain
03. summer night
Anonymous asked: It's just sweet of you to say that. Is being family-zoned a bad thing considering you don't know me too well?
Anonymous asked: "responsible sister" AGNES ;;;;;;;;;;; oh stop it you!
Wake me up
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Anonymous asked: f*ck la you are older :( I'm a 94 oops but its okay. I like 91 liners *wiggles eyebrows* If it makes you feel better, I'll be your oppa~
Anonymous asked: GAH my style too! I started by just sending you songs from my playlist and it just so happened we paired nicely. Like "Pogo" by Digitalism and "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service were my middle school jams but still are solid g o l d
Anonymous asked: This hippo looks really good today. Such a shame. By the way! I'm jamming out to "Jealous" by Chromeo!
Anonymous asked: no please be old fashion. I miss old fashion honestly. I do! You're so pretty and I'm a hippo. *sings my rendition of meant to live by switchfoot* weee were meaaaaaaant to live for each otherrrrrr